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Link your MT4 platform from any of 350 brokers we support in one simple step. Don't have an account? Open an account here



Simply choose your portfolio risk and let our quantitative systems monetize your capital in trading opportunities. No need to run your MT4 platform.



Monitor and track your trading from anywhere, anytime via web dashboard or android mobile app. It is completely hands-free trading.


Why algorithmic trading?

Algorithmic trading and quantitative finance is a systematic approach that incorporates pre-programmed software for automated trading. It is widely used by investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds for institutional trading. At iFexx we have developed groundbreaking technologies to simplify access to algorithmic trading for retail traders.

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A hands-free tool to grow your money

Do you have the time to trade well? Let us help you automate your trading with a better investment strategy. Just tell us about your risk tolerance and our powerful trading algorithm will get to work for you day in, day out.

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Multi-strategy and globally diversified portfolio

Diversifying your investments and your execution strategy are the two major keys to a long-­term financial plan. Our proprietary technique uses multi-strategy approach over a diversified portfolio of FX assets.

Our Portfolio

Historically better results.

If you invest

for one year

Stock Market

Based on
average gain on SPX500

Expected value



Based on a

Expected value


An optimized portfolio for the best-expected investor returns possible.

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Benefits when you trade with iFexx

Say hello to the future of hands-free trading.


We deploy our algorithms on your accounts while your money stays in your name at your own online broker.


Our algorithms monitor the market for opportunities 24/7, and automatically rebalance your portfolio as the markets shift.

Risk Management

The state-of-the-art risk management technology helps you to choose the right capital allocation to reach your goals faster.


We offer the service that never sleeps, able to manage your portfolio every day - so you can focus on other things.

Are you ready for intelligent trading?

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Monitor our trades in real-time and review historical data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Getting Started

    Getting started with iFexx is easy. Simply join us by creating an account here.One your account is created you can link your demo or live MT4 account with iFexx dashboard. To link your account simply go to link account section in dashboard area and fill the form and save. Once your account is linked, you need to chose your portfolio risk preference from three available options. If you have already settled subscribed to the desired service it will take up to twelve hours until your account is setup. Once your algorithmic trading system is active your status in dashboard changes to online.

  • Do I require to run my MT4 platform?

    iFexx is designed for a complete hands-free trading. Once your setup the connection with iFexx, you dont have to run the MT4 platform. To monitor your account activity or adjusting your portfolio risk you can log in to iFexx web dashboard or use our mobile app from anywhere, anytime.

  • Can I still trade my account manually?

    You can always include a trade to your portfolio manually or access your MT4 account without any interruption to your automated trading.