Personolized Investment at Your Fingertips.

Maximize your investment return up to 50% annualy


Why Quant Trading?

In a world used to modern technology, old-fashioned manual trading does not suit all investors. That is why iFexx has developed groundbreaking technologies that allow quantitative trading in a touch of a button. We provide access to cutting-edge algorithmic trading models and design client portfolios based on their investment goals, each with its own special requirement with utmost care and attention.

How It Works

Say goodbye to undisciplined and non-profitable trading and hello to hassle-free automated trading.


MT4 Account

Open a Meta Trader 4 account with any financial broker worldwide and deposit your funds directly into brokers account. More


Link Your Account

Link your account to our technology through the mobile application and start your personalized investment in minutes. More


Track The Growth

Set your investment goals and risk preference and let our sophisticated technologies do all the hard work for you. More


Experts behind every decision

We have combined our professional expertise together with cutting-edge technologies to build the ultimate trading solution. Everyday at the heart of our operation we use big data analytics and artificial intelligence to understand and predict the market behavior. We have designed algorithmic technologies to automate the investment process, capital allocation and risk management.

Whether it's the development and coding done by our tech genius or research and evaluation done by our financial experts, the people behind our technology make all the difference.

See how much you can earn

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Stock Market

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iFexx Quant

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Say hello to the future of trading

Be on top of your investment anywhere, anytime.

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    Safety and Control

    Your investment, your choice. Stick to the the broker you know and remain in control of deposits and withdrawals. The state-of-the-art technology bridges Robo-Invest with client's investment account directly with the broker. All connections and data are securely encrypted.  

Seal-Time Notifications

Never lose touch with your investment again. Tap the iFexx app for a quick overview of your investment, set notification alarms on your smart phone or via email. Receive daily summery of your investment activities and more.

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    Smarter Trading

    We combine innovation and technology with financial expertise for an in depth overview of global markets in real time and better decision making. Algorithmic technologies enables multi asset analysis, fast execution and cutting-edge risk management allocation, this is what we call smart investment.
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    As a modern investment adviser our expense ratio is well below industry average so you take home more reruns when you don't pay any fixed management fee but only low-cost performance fee.

Monthly Subscriprtions 

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Trading account from $500-$5K in total balance

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$ 89

Trading account from $5K-$10K in total balance

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$ 149

Trading account from $10K-$25K in total balance

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We are a team of technology gurus and financial experts, backed by some of the smartest investors around the world.